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ADD/ADHD Assessment Clinic

ADHD Testing and Treatment at Northshore Kidspace

The ADHD Assessment Clinic @ Kidspace provides testing, feedback and diagnosis of attention and concentration difficulties. Your assessment will provide you with a detailed written report and treatment recommendations.

Medication is one treatment option considered by family’s after a child or teenager is diagnosed with ADHD. Our experience Child and Family Psychiatrists are able to provide clinical consultation and prescribe medication where appropriate.



Kidspace provides two ADHD testing pathways.



ADHD Comprehensive Assessment

The ADHD “Comprehensive” Assessment detailed below is recommended for those cases where a parent, teacher or GP is concerned about a child or teenagers attention or concentration. This pathway does not just test ADHD through standard questionnaires and a clinic assessment, but also an IQ and Education assessment allowing an overall picture of functioning and rule out any other reasons for the concerns.



ADHD Extended Assessment

The ADHD “Extended” Assessment detailed below is recommended for those who are under the care of a Psychiatrist, Paediatrician or other appropriate clinician and is designed to provide supporting evidence.




Unfortunately we do not have capacity to accept testing referrals at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience

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