Miss Charlotte Handford

Provisional Psychologist

BPsych (Hons)

Charlotte is a Provisional Psychologist, soon to complete her Masters in Clinical Psychology at Macquarie University. She is expected to complete her post-graduate study at the end of 2018, in the hope of becoming a Registered Clinical Psychologist in 2019. Charlotte also has aspirations to complete a PhD in psychology, commencing in 2019.

Currently, Charlotte is working as an intern delivering individual psychotherapy to both adults and children at St. Vincent’s Hospital and the Macquarie University Psychology Clinic. Charlotte has experience in the administration, scoring and interpretation of psychometric assessments for both adults and children. In her own clinical experience, Charlotte has come to recognize the great benefit and utility of psychometric testing, as it provides a unique perspective on relevant client issues, while also highlighting where and how specific interventions could be applied.

Previously, Charlotte has also worked at the Lizard’s Children Centre delivering ABA therapy to children with ASD. This role not only helped to broaden her knowledge of ASD and ABA as a form of education-based intervention, but also provided her with invaluable insight into what it is like to work with children facing developmental challenges and their families.