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Learning Disorder Assessment

What is a Learning Disorder?


A learning disorder is a condition where a child has significant difficulty with one or multiple aspects of learning (such as reading, spelling maths), and their ability is significantly below other children of the same age. This condition is also known as a learning disability, or as a specific learning disorder.

What is a Learning Disorder Assessment?


At Northshore Kidspace we offer testing to determine if a child has a Learning Disorder. Testing for Learning Disorders done by doing tests of a a child’s intelligence and academic achievement. The results of these tests can then be compared with each other to identify if there is a significant gap between the childs intelligence, their achievement, and how they perform relative other children of the same age. These tests are also known as a Psychometric Assessment.

How do we test for a Learning Disorder?


We use the Wechsler Intelligence Scale to test for intelligence. This comes in a version for children aged 6-16 which is called the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children (WISC). For those over the age of 16 we use the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for adults (WAIS).

We assess a child’s ability using the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test Second Edition (WIAT). This test can accurately determine the academic ability of a child in different academic domains, such as Maths, Reading and other areas. The WIAT can be used to assess individuals from ages 4 to 50 and is considered to be a very high quality and reliable tests of academic ability.

Our Learning Disorder Assessment Process

The process of having an Intellectual Assessment with us involves 5 stages:


  1. Consultation with one of our psychologists. Our psychologist will conduct a one-hour initial interview with you and your child to gather all relevant background information.  

  2. Completing the Academic Assessment (WIAT). Our psychologist will administer the test directly with you or your child. Two-hours is provided for administration of the WIAT, however completion times vary depending on the individual test-taker.    

  3. Completing the Intelligence Assessment (WISC or WAIS). Our psychologist will sit with you or your child to administer the test. Again, two-hours is provided for administration of the WISC or WAIS, however completion times can vary.

  4. Once the assessment is complete our psychologist will write a report that includes a summary of standardized test results, along with specific clinical interpretations and recommendations.

  5. Our psychologist will meet with you for a one-hour discussion session to discuss the results of the IQ and Academic test and the report.

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