Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidspace

Internet and Gaming Addiction Treatment

The Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidspace is one of the leading centres in Australia treating children and young people struggling to manage their online life. This may include gaming, social media or other internet based platforms like Youtube.

The Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidspace offers a unique multidisciplinary team which provides access to both Child & Adolescent Psychologists and Psychiatrists. While not all patients require input from both disciplines, we offer a comprehensive range of treatment options for Internet Addiction behaviour and any associated mental health symptoms.

Our expert Psychologists and Psychiatrists have been treating “Internet Addiction” or Problematic Internet Use (PIU) for many years and are proud contributors to the Network for Internet Investigation and Research Australia (NIIRA). Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidspace Principal Psychologist, Mr Brad Marshall, is a regularly invited as a guest speaker at parent and teenager seminars  on the topic of Internet Addiction. You can follow Brad’s speaking engagements and blog on our News and Media page.

Should I be concerned?

Signs of Internet Addiction:

  • neglecting school, university or work.

  • loss or withdrawal of social interaction in favour of online platforms

  • neglecting regular sleep or eating patterns to stay online

  • being dishonest with others about online use

  • feeling anxious, angry, depressed or angry as a result of online behaviour

  • withdrawal from other activities like sport

  • feeling irritable, moody or anger outbursts when asked to come offline

  • internet use causing arguments within families


What does the Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidspace offer?

  • Assessment and Diagnosis (where appropriate)

  • Outpatient consultation treatment including: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) that support of parents and families

  • Parent consultations: advice on managing your child’s internet behaviour.

  • Preventative consultations: for parents and families who are concerned and notice some early warning signs about their child’s internet behaviour.

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