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Intellectual IQ Assessment for Children and Adolescents

What is an Intellectual Assessment?


An Intellectual assessment can help us determine a child’s level of intellectual ability or learning potential. This is sometimes called an IQ Assessment, as IQ is short for intelligence quotient, which is a way to measure intelligence.


At Northshore Kidspace we offer Intellectual assessment for children and adolescents. These tests can provide an estimate of a child’s overall intellectual functioning, as well as his or her ability in specific cognitive areas such as working memory and processing speed.

What IQ Test do we use?


The test we use at Northshore Kidspace is the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), which is for children ages 6-16. For adolescents older than 16, or for adults, we use the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS). The WISC and the WAIS are considered very high quality and reliable tests of IQ.

Our Intellectual IQ Assessment Process

The process of having an Intellectual Assessment with us involves 4 stages:

  1. Clinical Consultation with one of our pscyhologists. In this consultation the psychologist will perform a through interview in order to obtain all relevant background information to be considered in the final report. This initial consultation will take one hour.

  2. Completing the IQ test. Our psychologist will sit with you or your child to administer the IQ test. We allocate two-hours for completion of the WISC or WAIS, however administration times vary depending on the individual examinee.

  3. Our psychologist will write a detailed report, which will summarise key results and use these results to provide specific recommendations for how to best assist the individual.

  4. Our psychologist will meet with you for a one hour discussion session to discuss the results of the IQ test and the report.

To make a referral for testing:

Complete the below Testing Patient Information Form and email to

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