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About Us

Northshore Kidspace's Psychiatrist Dr Damian Fong and Principal Psychologist Brad Marshall

Northshore Kidspace 

Established in 2010 by  Psychiatrist Dr Damian Fong and Principal Psychologist Brad Marshall, Northshore Kidspace is a service that specifically caters for children, adolescents and families experiencing psychological, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

We offer a comprehensive approach to treatment that considers the individual child or adolescent needs but also works with the family and school as needed.

We are a team of child and adolescent Psychiatrists and Psychologists working at the same location, providing an integrated model of care for children and adolescents.

Why choose Kidspace?

Our model of helping families has been developed through decades of experience working in some of Australia’s most respected hospitals, universities and clinics. Traditionally child and family psychiatrists and psychologists work in isolation or smaller settings.

At Northshore Kidspace we provide a team of Psychiatrists and Psychologists that work in collaboration to provide you with a holistic model of care located in one convenient and central clinic. Some children or families will be seen by one clinician. Others who require a higher level of care and will see both a Psychiatrist and Psychologist for a best practice, multi-disciplinary model of care. At Northshore Kidspace, the clinic has the ability to match the treatment provided to the individual needs of a specific child or adolescent.

Northshore Kidspace Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatry and Psychology
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